All I hear ( A poem)

"All I Hear "

Written By : Ivy Joy Talabor

Blow it in the wind
A heart that doesn't speak
Slowly marking the hallway
with footprints of my soul
Can anyone see it ?
Or somehow feel it?
While the song is playing
Here I am sleeping
Trying to find an image in my head
Something I can think before I get in bed
A tired voice of my ego
And the fast beating of my heart
No room for pain
But why all I hear is rain ?


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“Ceased ” ( A Sad Poem)

" Ceased "
Written By : Ivy Joy J. Talabor

Ten thousand folds;
Ten thousand shards;
Falling on the ground;
still so brave to walk;
no cover
no protection
I smell the pain.
I feel his perfume.
My pulse has stopped.
He is the king
But now the throne has c eased.
The only throne he sits in;
stops beating.
My heart;
has stopped pumping.
His reign has ceased
the moment she stopped 
~ I~

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~ I~

Is it love? ( A Poem)

He is talking shit unforgiving;
He is going rounds chasing.
All that is left on the ground;
is the crazy deafening sound.
If this is the meaning of love like he 
I'd rather be lonely everyday.
If it's really love;
I would rather not wish to have.

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Love Above ( A Poem)

Look up
See the crystals above
they're irreplaceable
they're sweeter than apple
like thousand dusts
it tells how love can last
Come over hold my hand
tell me that when we fly we wont land
straight to the space
we will have our own place
warmth summer sweat
ocean's kissing our skin making it wet
You and me above
we will fly higher than doves


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Poison Me

I feel the warm air
creeping inside me.
the delusions of who I am
and all the clouds beneath me.
I wish I can take another step
to fill the emptiness within.
I tried grabbing the best cup
but I got is a plastic thing.
I wished I could run again
and not hear all the rain.
if I can tell what’s on my mind
will it shaken your tides?
Life is not the same as it seems
I see no sun and all is dim.
But come a little closer
Let me dance under your shower
of love and poison
I can never resist


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Reflect Me

Mirrors around me;

Mirrors that surrounds me;

Come try to reflect me.

Let me see the woman I'd been;

Let me witness the mask I am wearing.

The mask that shows the opposite;

concealing the true shape of my heart;

and all the valleys of my mind.

At night I curl myself to sleep;

trying not to wake up and see;

the eyes staring to me that criticizes;

the voices that tells me what I should be doing;

the validation I need to fulfill.

Mirrors of this world;

Go reflect me;

But are you sure it's really me?


Copyright © 2018, I.Talabor 

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