When Sorry Isn’t Enough

There will be moments in our lives, we will encounter experiences that are too hard for us to accept. These moments will either make us strong or make us bad. When pain is too much and the people involved in causing that pain asks for forgiveness, is it bad not to accept it? Have you ever felt that what had happened to you broke your heart so deep that you can’t even accept the word ” I’m Sorry” from the person who caused it? I know on the back of your mind you answered yes. When sorry is not enough, does that mean that is already too late to be fixed? No. What really a person thinks when he rejects apologies is that it is easier said than done. There are two types of apologies, empty and sincere. A person rejects apologies not because he are already closes his doors for reconciliation but because  the pain that he felt deserves more than just an empty apology. An action to be taken to show the sincerity of the one asking. But at the end of the day it is always up to us, of what kind of road we will take, in dealing the ones who’ve hurt us. It will either make us or break us.  When sorry is not enough to heal us, will we rather cling to what our heart wants to have ? Or just let forgiveness flow like a river and give it to all those who asks?



Walk On Water

Stop the circus of thoughts

In your head make all the riddles stop

the rain you feel that touches your skin

is the illusion that you make up in your head

you will never know things in life

unless you experience to fly

if you want to test the faith in your heart

let that grain of courage push you

to take a step forward

let that little faith you have

make all your logical reason false

you know you can walk on water

only if you believe you can really do




Smoke that Corrupts

Have you ever lived a toxic life? Where you no longer see value on it? And as you walk day by day thinking that the way you perceive your life will not affect others, you don’t realize that it’s only like puffing a cigarette. When someone smokes all he thinks is that it’s only himself that he endangers but the truth is the risk of second hand smoke will also affect the person beside him. The way we live our life, the way we perceive it is not only about us. When we are too focused only on our own pain and value, we forget who that we also affect.  When you nurture your heart with toxic kind of love, it doesn’t only affects you. It will only make you naive to recognize the pain of others. It will give you a thought that breaking other people’s heart is okay because you are also broken. That kind of corrupt perception poisons the world. It ruins lives. It changes our perception about love and soon, like second hand smoke that we inhale from an insensitive smoker, will kill us and will make us vulnerable. Consciously, they never know, and will never admit the cause of the smoke they puff, the toxic emotions they spread but it will keep on affecting the ones they love, the strangers they encounter and their own lives.

~ I~

How hard is it?

How hard is it to forgive?

How hard is it to forget?

When life teaches you a lesson

Would you rather choose the other way ?

Would you be at your worst when you take all the blows?

Or Would you be at your best and pass all the test?

Walking and walking in the valleys of hope

If you forgot to put your coat on,

would you curse the sky on your way home ?

Would you choose to dance under the rain,

while everyone is wondering how crazy and wet you've been ?


Why we write about our tears?

Why its easier to recognize sad notes? Or sad days?

Why is that you are sometimes more sure when you’re sad than happy?

Why it’s easier to point the reasons why you are sad than why you are blessed?

Isn’t it crazy that our genes are by nature pessimistic?

Or its just the fact that these emotions are the strongest?

You may wonder why I preferred to write two sad poems on  first posts in this blog. I actually don’t know why I did. All I know is that, words just flow, my pen speaks…

Maybe somewhere…


My writings will be a voice to those who can’t show their feelings…

Maybe that is why there are more sad poems written than happy ones…

It’s not because there are a lot of sad people…

But maybe because this emotion is easily recognized…


Dawn Of Love


Carved in my heart

Is his face I can’t forget

Even if I shut my eyes

Its him that I feel in every beat.

The stars shines tonight

but I can’t seem to hear the breeze

all I hear is my heart

that speaks his name

piece by piece

hour by hour

the sun has risen 

but I am still here at dawn


~I ~



Pictures flow in my mind;

Like river in my head;

of how it used to be;

of how I watched sunsets freely;

But life moves like wind;

that leads to endless route.

and leaves only a single thought;

of how I am seeing a beautiful scene;

but bitterly breaking.

I'll just let another tear flow;

As another memory starts to crawl.

~I ~